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“I was stranded at work, because my car wouldn’t start, due to my keypad being completely broken. This was some of the fastest, most kind service I’ve ever received. He got to me within 30 minutes, and I had a new key in less than 10 minutes. I will definitely call again, for my next lock smith need.

        – google review by Yahteaira Dean


What are some of the most common reasons that someone would need to call a locksmith?

       1.Lost keys

Keys are the most common objects to lose, maybe you left them at a store or dropped them when you weren’t paying attention. Well, if so, your most reliable person would be a locksmith.

A locksmith can pick the lock of your home or car to get you back inside. If you didn’t think before of a spare key, a locksmith can not only get you into where you need to go, but can also make you a new key as well.

       2. Broken Key or Lock 

Unfortunately breaking you key or lock is very common. It would typically occur from the lock being jammed or tight and you try to get it out. Or you tried getting in your home or car with the wrong keys. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, call your local locksmith! Locksmiths can luckily create new keys for you and fix your broken lock. If you decide you need more than one key in case of another issue, we can provide you with multiple keys!

       3.New Locks for a Home

Moving into a new home? Or need a new set of locks? A locksmith is the one to call. If moving into a new home, you need to be careful. The best idea is to change your locks, in case existing owners still have those keys. Even if you are not a new homeowner, and you are worried about your own safety or for your home, call a locksmith to help you fix this issue. 

      4.Locked Out of Home or Car

Have you ever left your keys in your car and can’t get back in? Or lose your home key? It is definitely a very annoying occurrence. Luckily for you, Locksmiths can get you in your car or home without a worry. We can make new keys or replace existing ones.

“Lost my keys on a holiday to my 2016 Chrysler 200 and Robert came out within an hour and got me back on the road! Thanks for the fast service!!!”

                   – google review by Robin L.

“Called Reliable up because the wife locked her keys in her car at physical therapy. She was going to be out in an hour and generally speaking, services like this could take at least a couple hours.

This gentleman was very kind on the phone, made it a point to be there when she walked out and would not take any payment until the job was done. I also inquired about getting a second key made while he was there. He gave me a price that was reasonable, was there when the wife got out, was in the car in no time, made me the second key and sent me a link to pay the bill from where I was, all in any 20 minutes.

Super job and very competitive prices. Thank you for doing a solid job and carving through with what you said you would do.”

                  -google review by Kevin Stubblefield

What can you do when you lose your key to your car or get locked out? Well it’s easy when you have Reliable Locksmith and Safes Service who is quick and responsible. Locksmiths can not only get you into your car but can make new keys to replace old ones or to make duplicates. If you didn’t think before to get a duplicate key, we can easily assist you with acquiring a new key!